Christmas Reading for an Innovative 2018!

It's that time of the year again that you contemplate on what you achieved (or not) over the past year and look forward and plan what you'd like to do next. But it's also the time that there are suddenly gaps appearing on your calendar, so an excellent opportunity to catch up on those things where you usually don't get to, like reading. 


Here are my top three tips on books to read during this period, which are primarily helpful if you're just about to start or have started your collaborative innovation Program to reach out to your employees for their ideas. All three books show that it is not enough to just ask for an idea but that you need the right organization, processes and tools in place to shine like a star. 


Below are short explanations why these books stand out for me, and please check out all books I enjoyed reading here on my website. 


How Stella Saved the Farm: A Tale About Making Innovation Happen

This book describes spot on what I experienced as an innovation manager and the difficulties you'll face when trying to align an entire organization to a new direction. It's a super easy read in a similar style as "Who Moved my Cheese?" and "Our Iceberg is melting". This book is the fun version of the more detailed "The Other Side of Innovation: Solving the Execution Challenge". One of the latest books I've read, but it certainly deserves to be in the top three. Click here to read the full description on Amazon.


Innovation as Usual: How to Help Your People Bring Great Ideas to Life

The book that has been in my top three since I started in innovation management. One of the first books I read on the topic, and it has been super useful to me. It provides you with a better understanding of how to make innovation everyone's job and tools that I've been able to translate one-to-one into my collaborative innovation program. Click here to read the full description on Amazon.


The Innovation Maze: Four Routes to a Successful New Business Case

A very comprehensive book on the different routes one can make to innovate. In my opinion the sharpest analysis on how these journeys can impact your idea management and results. This book can be seen as the successor of "The Innovation Expedition", but you can read separately (although I advise you to read both!). Click here to read the full description on Amazon.