Short Bio

I’m an energetic, enthusiastic and confident person, always looking to challenge the status quo. With my entrepreneurial mindset, I’m highly interested in building new concepts and starting new endeavors. My affinity for digital progress makes me an early adopter of modern technology. I'm hospitable with a customer-oriented attitude, and strong presentation skills. Pleasure in life comes from enjoying fine wines, preparing (and consuming) delicious food, traveling, scuba diving, sailing and making home improvements.



Since the beginning of my career, I consistently focused on finding new and better ways to grow businesses. During the early stages of my career, I was active in the financial sector until I made a move to the telecommunications industry where I resided ten years. I performed various business development and innovation roles, working for corporates or as an external consultant. During my working life, I also always continued to grow myself as a person. End 2017, I decided to combine and apply all my knowledge and experience as an independent innovation consultant.