Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion · 19. April 2018
At the INNOVATE'18 Forum by HYPE Innovation in Bonn, I moderated the panel discussion on "Innovating in Horizons 2&3". The inspiring panelists were: Mark Famy from Saint-Gobain Fabian Schlage from Nokia Konstantin Gaenge from Airbus Sven Grave from Wilo Group

Panel Discussion · 20. October 2017
Establishing a sustainable program is a challenge all innovation managers have to face. Especially, if your company has a history of failed innovation programs. People might have lost their trust in these initiatives. In this interview, HYPE's Colin Nelson will interview Roel de Vries and Sarah Kelly from the Spark innovation team and investigate the hurdles they had to take and look for pieces of advice they can give to fellow innovation managers.

Panel Discussion · 06. December 2013
One of the most crucial elements to success is the communication and promotion strategy of an innovation initiative. This is not only important during its launch, but throughout the lifetime of the program. Not paying enough attention to this topic from the beginning is likely to result in low participation and poor results.In this IM Channel One webinar learn more about how to promote an innovation program effectively to raise awareness and get sustainable engagement.