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As an experienced innovation management practitioner, we can accomplish great things together. We'll tackle idea management from A to Z to get the most from your crowdsourcing initiatives. I go beyond creating an advisory slide deck and leaving you to it. I'll provide you with practical, hands-on examples and tips to create a collaborative culture. Together we'll learn how to use the collective intelligence best, creating tangible value for your company.


Most innovation teams are made up of people with varied backgrounds that may not include all of the skillsets you require. Together, I can help you fill in the gaps. I provide hands-on and practical coaching to the innovation management team. We can also hold a ‘Train the Trainer' session, to pass the ‘knowledge torch' down throughout the company, getting the best out of your crowd! I offer LeanStartup/Design Thinking train-the-trainer sessions, teaching you how to empower employees by providing them with the appropriate tools and know how - to help them take their ideas to levels beyond what they envisioned – actual implementation!


Storytelling is a fantastic way to share and inspire! I have experiences to draw upon and share – the good, the bad and the ugly. If you're looking for an experienced and inspiring speaker – look no further. I'd love to work with you for other event-related work, such as event moderation, innovation panelist, and workshop host. And if you're planning to organize your innovation event in or around Amsterdam (The Netherlands), I have years of experience bringing innovative minds together in inspirational settings – making sure you make the most of your time together.